Monday, May 2, 2011

HAWT Topic of the Week!!!!!!!!!!

Hawt topic of the week is a new post here at MH & since mother's day is coming up next week, why not talk about our Mommies. As young ladies our moms had a lot of input on how we acted & who we hung out with. But often times the things that stuck with us the most over the years is the style/beauty/fashion advice. As young ladies our priorities are very different and being fresh & fly is at the top of the list. LOL please don't act like it isn't true. lol So when mom would tells us never to wear black stockings with white shoes because its a fashion fail then you kinda listen and hold on to that & maybe even passed along to your little girl.

 My momma always told me to make sure that I wore a slip under my skirts or spanks or stockings under a tight pair of pants to hold it all together, she would say men like to see a little jiggle but not a shake. LOL and that has stuck with me to this day. I would dare be caught without my spanks on with my leggings, shoot I get upset when I see women out without them on LOL but that made me realize that the things that were taught to us shape us into the women we are today. And motherly advice does make a difference in our lives, funny how we can admit to it once we're older.

The grace & poise that we carry as ladies has to comes from somewhere, cause we aren't born with it. Inner beauty & strength are normally taught to you by the first lady in your life, either through experiences or disagreements with her, but that inner beauty plays out as outer beauty on top of being pretty its a force to be reckon with. And this shows in not only your style & grace but also in your attitude. Confidence!! We have to show credit where credit is due and that's to our mommas. If you know that the confidence, inner beauty, sexiness, intelligent & class that you posses came from the first lady in your life weather that's your mom, your aunt or grandma tell her thank you.

Thank her for helping you into a force of HAWTness, by sharing your infor with other ladies, we need more stronger women, not only physically but mentally as well. We wanna pass on the advice we were taught on to the next generation of HAWTies out there, We wanna know what advice your mommie gave to you while growing into a woman that you have heard on to & still follow or some that you find just ridiculous. We wanna hear from you & we have a $50 gift card as a Mother's day present for you to give to your moms or just to keep for yourself. We don't wanna say where, we wanna hear from you...............

HOW TO WIN.............

#1. Follow us on here & leave a comment with your motherly fashion advice
#2. Check back on Wednesday 5/4 to see which HAWTies won & where the gift card is for.

The winner will be chosen at random,Good Luck HAWTies!!!!!!!!!!!

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