Monday, May 23, 2011

2011 Billboard Award - The SHOW edition

The show was better than most of the awards show Ive seen in the past year maybe cuz Rhi Rhi,  Nicki M, MJB & Bey hit the stage. All those Divas on the stage you know it was going to be HAWT. Check out a few still frames from the show.

Bey looked more than HAWT no words for her & that body & outfit...only FLAWLESS comes to mind, she rocked her new song "Run the World (girls)'

Bey accepted  the Millennium Award, presented to her by her mother, Tina Knowles.

Destiny's Child looking absolutely outstanding!! All three ladies have their own looks & they are owning them to the fullest. Bring back DC please!!!!!!!! We need more HAWT songs & fashion for y'all your truly missed.

Rhi Rhi performed S&M in an all white leather bondage outfit, this photo says a lot specially with this song being sung.

Rumored Guest Brittany Spears hit the stage with Rhi Rhi on S&M. She looked great, better than Ive seen her in a minute.

Justin Beiber's speech for Top Digital Media Artist at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.

Justin & Selena, JUSLENA, they are a very cute couple but their look collectively isn't really cutting it for me, her cut out dress with no hips & tat solid gold glittery blazer. NO BUENO.

Cee-Lo Green rocked the HOUSE with his off the wall performance with a  suspended, twisting piano. How HAWT was that.

Neyo performed with Pitbull, it was cool very regular if you ask me. BASIC

B.E.P are never BASIC with their ishhhh, Fergie rocked that glow in the dark jumpsuit.

Will. I. am hella particular with my ish is rocking his norm, I need attention head gear & I'm super cool with the spaced out look jacket. I used to love his look but its the same look to me.........every time.  

These two were great!! Host Ken Jeong and Nicki Minaj appear to be quite the classy duo as they perform their hilarious antics onstage

Mister Carter & Rhi Rhi, this is a cute pic they look like brother & sister on this one. Mister Carter is looking very HAWT!!!

Another HAWT pic of Kells & Trey. If they were a couple goodness!!! Total HAWTness.

S N double O P, D O double Gizzie. The West Coast G performed with the Far East Movement.

Two members of Far East Movement look "fly like G6s" during their performance.

Pitbull, who I'm convinced that he is Gay Tony from Vice city or whatever game that is, gave a okay performance.

Miss Nicki M performed Super Base with her Barbs.

Brittany joined in for that perform as well, pretty dope.

Taylor with  posed 3 of her awards.

 Ken Jeong does his best Flavor Flav impression onstage, while Nas can only chuckle. Ken, please stick to your day job!

Ke$ha was not playing when she said that she got over $6000 worth of glitter & was going to make sure everyone had sum sparkles to take home, she did her thang. That's what I'm talkn bout..........

Ke$ha performing "The freaks all come around"

Rhi Rhi accepting the Top Female Artist award.

Bey giving a show stopping performance...... We all know she's bad she's cute she's sexy to! (Singing in my Chris Brown voice)

There's no words!!!!!

My girl tore it down I'm I'm I'm I'm loving this song & her voice is enough to make me cry.  Destroying street corners and knock over light poles all the HAWT divas out better watch it she may do the same to you with this new album.

Mary J & Wizzy performing one of the HAWTest songs of the year

Lil Wayne & Nicki M embraced each other at the show backstage. But we had to leave this post with this as the last picture............ This is a fraction of why she is a girl crush of mines. Who cant not look is the question??????

The top 3 Performances would have to go to:
#3 - Rhi Rhi & Brittany / Nicki M & Brittany it was a tie
#2 - MJB with Wizzy
1# - Don't act like you didn't see it coming......... BEYONCE!!!!!!
Hope y'all enjoyed the show as well, let me know who was your FAV!

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