Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TREND SPOTTING................................ Faux FUR!!!

HAWties I know most of us cant even stand to think the thought about rock'n a Real Fur! So thank the Fashion Gods for Faux Fur!!!!!!!! Those old school Faux Furs n your grandma's closets are making a come back. Faux furs this winter will make you feel elegant and keep you warm on those nippy days. So if you don't have one, making a trip down to your local thrift store could give you more options in style in varieties for a cheap cost! So you can rock this trend effortlessly this season with these helpful hints & pics. Please trust & believe that you will see a lot of this, well depending where you live! LOL but why not be a trendsetter in your area or school if no one else is... Check it out HAWTies.  

  • Keep it simple & Tailored - look for jackets/coats that have darting (vertical seems that run length of the garment), which gives the coats a more tailored shape , YOU WANT A SHAPE!! 
  • Remember that Fur adds bulk to your frame, AGAIN YOU WANT A SHAPE!!
  • If you got a bigger frame, your might want to option for a faux fur vest instead of that floor length faux minx. 
  • If your top heavy, go for a mid-thigh or longer coat to avoid  adding bulk to an already  bulky area. 


Minimal – Delicate pieces with light details; trimming or fur collars make for simple features that still make a statement.

Vest Style - Try pairing your vest with tighter, close-fitting shirts to balance its volume. As well loose, peasant-style tops can create a chill, bohemian look.

Accessorize – If you’re hesitant about leaping right into a fur vest or jacket try a dash of detail;  boots, hats, earmuffs, bolero … anything goes.


Faux Fur dont’s:
Overdue it – Covering yourself with head to fur just ain’t cool! Try to only invest in one piece and use it wisely. Disclaimer: my comment under the images was an exaggeration, don’t wear everything at the same time!
Nasty Patterns – Some patterns just aren’t for fur, In my opinion, leopard prints, zebra, or any shapes.

Shoddy Synthetic – Horrible texture and nappy looking furs are a NO, attention to this!

I hope this helps you all out HAWTies, now please send over pics of your Fauz Fur outfits to so I can post you lovies!!!!!!!!!

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