Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Tuesday HAIR!!!!!

Hey HAWTies, so I have been going back & forth between Natural hair & weaves/wigs! I love love love my HAIR let me say. Don't know what hair type I am but what ever it is I rocks that's ISH,like no ones biz but I love love love to switch up my style so much that sticking to one style is super hard for me. Plus it may have a little to do with that I am a SAG & we love to change it up all the damn ass time. LOL But today I am Rocking the Jet Black Wavy thang that my BBF likes to call Lola! I am really thinking of doing a super chop & going almost to no hair, but of course I would keep about 20 wigs in the closet for back up. LOL But then I want to put my poetic Justice braids back in so see my issue I want to do to much. But what you think HAWTies I need opinions & ideas on what you think I should do. But in the mean time I'm going to share some Work Flicks from today!!! lol

PS please forgive all of the errors in the next post my silly self just remembered that I didn't edit it LOL HAWTies F'up Too

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