Friday, October 28, 2011

Quick Costumes

HAPPY Friday HAWTies!!! Its Halloween weekend & this year I didn't go hard with costume posts this year. Partially due to me not knowing what I want to be but I have both of them, yes both, picked out. LOL For this weekend I will be the Wicked Witch of the East, its a sexy lingerie witch outfit with a few pieces I added to it. Cant wait to show off the pics, but for work I have a very simple but funny costume. I cant speak on that one just yet cuz I don't want anyone to bite I have to win the contest at work LOL. Very cheesy yes but I would like to win it. But I will Post Pics HAWTies so you can see what I came up with. But now I wanna help out my HAWTies that love to procrastinate....... 

There is always time & items in your closet to put together a quick last minute costume. Even a quick trip to the dollar store may assist in your efforts. But I have a few tips to get it crack'n for the Holiday Weekend, cuz its always fun to dress up!!! 

Sexy Zombie- with all of the Zombie shows & movies out this wont be a wacky idea, specially if you stay in character. LOL! All you need are a few old items in your closet that you plan on throwing out or just not wearing. Try them on make sure you look cute & tear & rip up a shirt or pants leg. And next you need makeup  which you can hit up the dollar store for. 

HAWT Clown- Who doesn't have a pair of leggings & maybe even a leotard in their closet. LOL well If you don't, don't judge those of us who do. But this can double as a french clown, you would also need a few scarves to pin on the collar & maybe sleeves on your leotard, almost like a jester & of course you can find killer make up ideas online for clowns 

Cousin It's Wifey - Now if your like me then you have plenty of old wigs in my hair box. LOL So why not put it to use, now I would suggest to give it a quick rinse thru to make sure your not smelling ratchet hair all night, but put on your cutest freak um dress on & put the wig so it covers most of your face, throw on a pair of HAWT shades to give it a diva appeal!! 

Convicted School Teacher - With teachers getting caught doing the do with their students why not make a joke of it, put on your cutest Conservative / sexy outfit with a pair of those nerd glasses that are in & grab those hand cuffs out the naughty box & put it on one wrist. LOL. You can have fun with the story of what you are & who you did.......

Nicki Minaj - Since she is full of character & colors it doesn't take much, but a killer wig to pull off a Miss Minaj, grab some leggings & put on a colorful low cut shirt with your best push up & get a bag of balloons from the dollar store & blow them up & tape or glue or pin them to your shirt ( think of her pom pom shirt) & make sure you stuff that read & slap on some pink lips. Maybe even grab a MIC & randomly yell out lyrics of her. ALL YOU BITCHES IS MY SONS, & pull out a baby bib from the dollar store on them hoes... LOL 

 I hope this helps out some or even spark up your own ideas. If you made your costume or yours is just to cute for words please send them over to & I will add them to a future post!!! Happy Halloween HAWTies!!!!!!!!

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