Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Just cuz Swag....................

You a BAD girl & your friends BAD too... you Got the SWAG sauce you dripp'n SWAGU!!! Hey HAWTies!!! Its Tuesday & Im sitting at my desk first off super busy but Im still blogg'n LOL 

I love to look at pics on my tumblr!!! If you dont know I post blog post over there as well at  MassiveHawtness.tumblr.com. But I love to tumble thru all the differnt pics & post & video clips for inspiration for looks & designs. I just love creativity & indiviiduality & those of you that love to look like others then this post isnt for you!!! Just to see how folks woudl rock certain things like a turban or to see someone is a pair of shoes that you own that they flipped out & wore like you would have ever thought to. This is why I love to look at people & their style & their swag. Peolpe watching/gazing. People are interesting & intriguing LOL. I guess this is part of the reason why I love fashion so much. There is no right or wrong way to wear anything on this planet, well certain rules do apply but thats not in this post. This post is just some free spirit/ style orgasism/ fashion patrol/ whatever else you wanna call it. Imma call it my Tuesday "the ISH I liek on tumblr today" LOL LOL enjoy HAWTies.............








 LOL you know I had to end it all with my current crush LOL, but any who I got all these lovely pics ( wonderful inspiration) from all the Beautiful HAWTies I follow on Tumblr, if you follow me you could also follow them!! Get @ MassiveHawtness.tumblr.com 

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