Monday, October 24, 2011

My new GIRL crush.......

Hey HAWTies!!! Happy Monday Diva's. I have been doing so much lately that posts have been at the bottom of the list. LOL which sucks cuz I love to do this ISH!!!!!!!!!! If you didn't know my girl crush for a moment now has been  Miss Nicki Minaj but I am cheating on her in my head with Solange Knowles.......... Yes that good sista with all those not normal outfits & big hair! HER. I guess you can say that I am attracted to weird folks, I like to think that I am attracted to those who aren't afraid to be them no matter who that may be & can give a rat's ass about what other myself. LOL. But Solange I have always thought was pretty average chick, but since this whole I wanna channel Diana Ross.............its HAWT to me. I really love the fact that she is totally different from her sis & doesn't try to be anything that she isn't. From her first CD & song you could tell that she wasn't a Bey! But that OK with me, just keep doing you boo! Then she went & pulled a Brittany & cut off her hair which most just couldn't understand but for us natural HAWTies we knew exactly what is was &  I'm so I'm so I'm so I'm so proud of you  ( singing in my Drake voice) LOL. It takes a certain women with a certain quality of security to do this in the public eye. I could go on about why I am now almost in love with this light skinned boo thang!!! But I wont bore you all I will just give you some pics to go with my reasoning lol lol 


Let me say HAWTies , Now Ive never been with a women, but that doesn't mean that I don't find them attractive or sexy for that matter & I know dang well that I'm not alone in that area!!! So these girl crushes of mines are innocent ( well n my mind they are, its gets a little deep in those thoughts but for the most part that don't hurt any). I know you all have Girl crushes lol if you wanna share please feel free to. I would love to hear from you all

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