Monday, January 23, 2012

HAWT or NAWT? Is the question

Hey HAWTies Hey!
Miss Somaya Reese is in a league of her own in the styling department. For the past 2 seasons of VH1 's Love & Hip Hop we seen her try to come into her own in the Rap game. For ladies in the industry your brand/look are very important parts of ones career. So Somaya has been trying to step her cookies up in the style area. Emily did try twice on the show to tame Somaya's style, but neither time worked. I truly doubt if there will be a third time down that lane......... But we all know that Somaya is a fighter & really never gives up so for this year's reunion she reached out to a different stylist by the name of Derek Auguste & I must say.......WERK!
Somaya Reece Love and Hip HOp Reunion Show
Derek Auguste has got Miss Somaya stepp'n out in a  Roberto Cavalli stretch jersey dress paired with a pair of Sergio Rossi electric blue pumps.
Somaya Reece Sergio Rosso pumps

PHA- (Public HAWTie Announcement) This is how your girls should sit! LIFT & LIFT & LIFT & then separate!, this comment is specially for my well endowed HAWTies (didnt think women could use that, well I just did! LOL)

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