Tuesday, January 3, 2012

HOTWE- HAWTie of the weekend

HAPPY NEW YEAR HAWTies, I hope you all had a great time bringing in the new year!! I know I did, I spent the night with my mom & my mini monster since my oldest boys left me. I also had a bottle of Pink Mascato. But it was a good time, anytime with my mom is great cuz she is a crazy lady like myself.  This year brings on New Posts so my first of the year is on HAWTies of the WEEKend!!!! 

There was a lot of HAWTness going on this past weekend, its a must that you look AWESOME on NYE night!!!! PERIOD! There were plenty of cute outfits out & about but I choose Amber Rose.

 Amber & her beautiful Mommie, I don't know here name so Imma call her Momms Rose!!!  Amber is rock'n a pair of High waisted duke's with the cutest glitter slimmery jacket, perfect for a NYE night. And I'm sure there is an added bonus under that jacket, but I'm thinkn we may have to ask Wiz about that????

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose on New Years Eve

Amber with her boo Wiz!!! Bringin in the New Year in style. I wish them the best during 2012!

HAWTies I wish you all the same as well & I want to add don't forget to check out my blog during the year!!!! Thanks for your support!! 

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