Monday, January 16, 2012

Look of the day 1/16

Hey HAWTies Hey!!!!! Most are off today due to a Massive Leader, Martin Luther King Jr. but I had to work & get that money. So I want to say thanks to all the Massive Leaders that helped us get to this point in our society. We have made a lot of progress but we still have more to do.

Even with me working today I felt HAWT, I think it’s the shoes!!! They make me want to cat walk (WERK) where ever I go. Just ask a few of my co-workers I have werked the hallways without any notice just Hit’n it LOL. But this is my look of the day…….

Jacket - BCF (Burlington Coat Factory)
Shirt - H&M
Jeans - Target
Shoes - Aldo's 

My Feather earring I got from a Fashion trade show, the guy is very super mucho talented but he is kinda slow on the work. But you can curl or flat iron the feathers, if any HAWTies are interested in where to buy email me & I will send you his contact info 

Also I call myself trying to smoke out my eyes, but my bestie Quickly shut me down! Yea it’s a natural looking smoke if that’s what your goin for, were her words!! Its looks brown not black. LOL loves her check her out at blacquelookbook.

Side note - she takes all my pics at work for me!!!! LOL love you girl!!!!!!!!!! 

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