Monday, January 23, 2012

Is Nicki Minaj dropping her very own Fashion Collection?

  Hey HAWTies Hey!!!

Word around town is that Miss Nicki Minaj is on the verge of releasing her very own fashion collection. The rapper that never mentions everything she dabbles in has already made major success with the drop of her very own pink shade of M.A.C. lipstick as well as some HAWT nail colors from OPI coming soon. Next on her to SLAY list is taking on the fashion industry, her manager Cortez Bryant, tells the New York Times he's got a top priority for 2012 - "to negotiate a deal with a fashion house so Ms. Minaj can sell her own line of clothes".

Nicki Minaj

So tell me HAWTies, would you wear a line by Miss Minaj. Do you all think that the collection may reflect some of her past looks or do you think we can expect something outta the box, which I would think we be something totally normal for Nicki. But you never know, what type of style or which personality would be styling the line. Honestly I intrigued as to what she will be designing. But what I would like to know is that would any of you wear or buy (for a friend) Nicki's collection?

Pssssst....... Dont forget that Nicki has friends in all kinds of places, with friends like Anna Wintour she is bound to have a few to die for items in her collection.

Nicki Minaj  
Nicki has a very bold sense of style & many would dare attempt some of her looks. I cant wait to see what she comes out with.......Now who thinks that her next venture may mimic our older sister Vivica Fox's latest thing...........WIGS! Only someone would actually buys Nicki's wigs!

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