Friday, January 13, 2012

Nappy Friday natural styles! Friday the 13th EDITION

 Hey HAWTies, Happy Nappy Friday the 13th!!! I hope you all know what time of the week it is......
Napural show off, Nappy Hair Porn, Afro 'do inspiration, whatever you want to call it, just enjoy it & be NAPURAL.....................


This is one of my FAV bloggers, she is a super HAWTie & I just love her swagu!!!! She should really bottle that ish cuz she got it!!!! Check her out at stylepantry


HAWTies do you all Remember this Hippy-ish HAWT model?











“If you want to feel me. Better be divine. Bring me water, water for my mind… Give me nothing… Breathe love in my air. Don’t abuse me. Cause these herbs are rare.” — Erykah Badu


My FAV NAPPY look of the week goes out to this lovely HAWT girl.......


I just love the Hair & the Ole Skool Jean Dress!! Totally HAWTness, when you own your own look that is super super sexy!!!!

 Hope you HAWTies have been  inspired & filled the NAPURAL GHOST!!!!

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