Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reality CHECKED !?!

Okay so 2011 is officially ova!!! Now since it is in our review...let's reflect on some of the most fashion forward realty T.V. divas! In my opinion it is important to create your our style or let your personality shine and define who you are. Here's a look at some of realty t.v. stars I was plastered to the t.v. weekly to see what haute look they had in store. Check 'em out and tell me whatcha think.......

#10 The Fiesty Diva

Tamar Braxton
Ms. Tamar is always the Bomb.com, I love her carefree style and attitude!

#9 Ms. Goofy

Lala Vasques
I love her sexy but classy style and her goofiness just adds to her sexiness.

#8 The 'bout my Business Diva


Kandy Burruss
She is doing her thang rite now! I love her take charge attitude. A classy business minded woman with down south flair.

#7 Sassy Hood Star

Exen though she gotta bad rap. I love her style.

#6 The Reality Diva

Ms. Kim K.
Even though he marriage was short lived... She stay fly! Loving everythang this curvy diva wears.

#5 The Bad Gal Diva

I just love this thick bad gal! She has a sexy style that fits her bad gal attitude.

#4 The On My Own

She has a curvy figure that looks good in everythang she wears.

#3 The Pop Off

Tami Roman
She has came a long way with her personal style and she gets a A for effort.

#2 The Law
Phaedra Parks
This ATL Housewife has it going on. Not only is she a super haute attorney she always look fly.

#1 The Sexy Kitten

Regardless of what anybody think...this sexxx kitten is fly. I'm not a hater Ms. Kim...you get it in!!!!

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