Wednesday, January 25, 2012

People watching - Older HAWTies style

Hey HAWTies Hey,

Ever wondered what you will look like when your older? I'm sure I'm not the only person that has thought this while looking in the mirror. How will I age, will I still youthful? Will I still have my Deeva-ness? Will I stay stylish? These are questions that float around in my lil Fashion world in my head. But these are all honest questions to ask, I know I wont have the answers til I'm older but that doesn't mean they will leave anytime soon.

I started to look into stylish older people, because there are plenty out there I know dang well we don't have a style expiration date, like when we hit 65 all were able to buy are moo-moo's & sun visors with the matching fanny pack! LOL. That's far from the truth! And I have proof to match, a lovely lil blog that showcases just that stylish older folks!!!

Check out fellow blogger 27-year-old Ari Cohen at advancedstyle, his blog is pretty dope. And don't sleep on the style inspiration these Older HAWTies are throwing our way, we have lots to learn!!!

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