Thursday, January 12, 2012

Patricia Viera Fall/Winter 2012 – Rio Fashion Business.

Hey HAWTies, Hey! I got a look at Patricia Viera's Fall/Winter 2012 collection – Rio Fashion Business.

Carmelita Mendes, Lais Ribeiro, Simone Carvalho, Karen Rodrigues and more walk for Patricia Viera. Lets check out these HAWT models work their stuff on the cat walk shall we..........

This dress looks very comfy & stylish!!! Doesn't show to much & is the perfect length for an office setting!!! Plus it doesn't look old lady-ish

A little bold for business but I like it. Knowing my Far out self I would  work it to work... HOW ABOUT Y'ALL??

I love the embellishment on the front of the shorts!!!!  I would like to see that on a pair of high waisted work slacks.

I know I'm not the only one that would rock this whole suit!!! This is fire!! Couldn't tell me nothing in the work place with this on.

I would like to see this dress lose the bottom furry part & it came down right tot he calf area but still very form fitting!! 

This lil number is adorable but c'mon who is going to wear this in a business meeting. Shorts are normally a no no in the office world, but I know DUKES wont make that list any time soon either. Maybe if they keep that nice embroidering & made those dukes into a nice pair of slacks or a nice A-line skirt.


This look is a safe look, the only issue is if those lil beads/balls are on the back of the skirt as well. If so I can only imagine how much that would hurt for you good Typing HAWTies. I want that shirt tho. 


This is a cute sassy look.  But Bra showing will never be cool at work EVER

I was a little confused on this one, I like both pieces but I think they may be better as separates.


She betta WERK!!! This is a nice dress!! hands down my FAV in the collection. I could see me all in this with my shape!!!!! HAWT girl 

Please check out the rest of the collection at beautyisdiverse 

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