Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Bad HAIR Monday!!!!!!!!!!1

Hey HAWTies HAPPY MONDAY, I'm sitting here at my desk wondering what to type to you all today. I really have nothing to talk about other than Me taking down my poetic Justice braids & trying to shave my own head on Sunday, well half of my head I didn't go for the whole gusto. NOT YET, & when I do I will not be doing it myself. Cutting hair is most def a skill that you have to master before you start getting paid for it LOL I know my skills wont get much money in my wallet LOL but it worked me for today until I get it lined up by a professional. 

So let's type about BAD hair days!!! And how to deal with it other than a hat or a scarf. I know me personally I will rock a bad hair style that I've done myself. Now if I got it done & it looks a mess that's different, please don't ask me why other than if I pay for it, HEFFA your going to fix it! PERIOD! I'm sure I'm not the only person that feels that way. But when I do my own hair, I guess its a sense of pride that wont let me sink into the bad hair day RUT. I know that the side of my head isn't even or lined up like I want, but Imma make it my own Regardless. Its fun to have a fearless spirit, and it works in your favor from time to time. So that would be my number #1 way to get thru a bad hair day is to make it your own, by any means necessary.  WHO CARES WHAT OTHERS THINK!!!!!!!!!! I really can careless. I really could, cuz nine times outta ten I wouldn't even rock the ish that person is wearing anyway so let them talk. LOL for give me for being a little evil but that's how it is in my mind LOL. ALL BS aside there is nothing wrong with being yourself & sometimes you find that out thru trail & error, so one bad hair day can turn into a lifetime of knowledge LOL please believe me try it out for yourselves....

I wanna know how my HAWTies deal with bad hair days??? I'm sure I'm not the only one that will rock out a bad hair Type to me HAWTies.......................

( I just tried to upload some pics on blogger & word press from my phone & I got a big fat ERROR, so I will post the pics later on HAWTies) 

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