Monday, August 1, 2011

Personal HAWTie update.......................

Hey HAWTies I know this past month or so my post have really slowed down, but please dont fret or stop coming by LOL, Ive been going thru a lot in my life lately. The most recent was the death of my little brother Dante, he was only 19 & it was very sudden (sometimes thats how death rolls) so much so that I had a range of emotions flowing thru me & my family. My heart just broke for my daddy & step mom, I couldnt imagine going thru what they had no choice but to go through. They both did way better than what I think I could have done. Needless to say there was no posting in me at the time. Im sure you all can more than understand what Im going thru. So Im not going to apologize for the little hiatus but I will say that you HAWTies will be getting the old MH style of posting back!!! I have truly missed blogging & fashion!!!! I truly have, thanks so much for still support me thru the lack of posts.

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