Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Look of my moment................ Poetic Justic braids

Hey HAWT girls!!! So for the past 2 weeks now Ive been rocking some ole skool Poetic Justice braids. YES! I know what some of you are thinking WTF is wrong with that child, well I like to think nothing. I saw solange rock'n them first & was like OK she brought it back but then a few weeks ago I came across this blog with this Beautiful blogger HAWTie by the name of Zizzi with the braids but she put her own spin on them. Check her out she is pretty awesomely dope

Her blog is pretty dope as her, love the lyric title's, she's sexy ( NERD voice lol), but check out her blog @ 

Okay Back to the story, so I told my BBf that I was going to bet braided up, & of course she didn't believe cuz I never get my braided, NEVER! But I didn't tell her that  I was going to do them myself LOL. Yes so after work I went straight the beauty supply & started putting in work, thinking to myself they wont take that long since their thick in size....................... well that was a Damn ass LIE. I was up til Damn near 4 in the morning braiding up this head of mines but the out come was worth it, at least for me. LOL

I like the outcome & I have gotten a lot of compliments but along with a few crazy stares LOL. But I don't mind them at all, I welcome them LOL. I know I'm crazy but that's me, you ain't gotta like what I rock even better for me. So I don't have to look ordinary. But any who I used hella ( yea I typed it) packs of Black n' gold, its very easy to work with not a lot of tangles as you braid so that's a plus, also my Cantu leave in conditioner & Eco Aloe gel on my hair & hands, it helps as you braid to keep the hands a little moist trust & believe all the hair rubbing on your hands can start to irritate the ISH outta you. Lastly I used a mixture of olive oil & coconut oil  mixture on my scalp. That's it!!

Shouts out to my inspiration Zizzi & Solange. Hope you HAWTies like or maybe not! LOL.


  1. Sis, u are rockin' those Poetic Justice braids. Or dookey braids as I called them in 1st grade when I rocked my first pair, lol. What ? I didn't have an extensive vocab back then I didn't know how else to describe them. I have yet to see any one swag 'em on level and then to tip it off with a hunni blonde. There is only Rashonda fa real. Her name is Dee-Dee-Dee-Deeva and she be swaggin all day...especially on them basic B****es at BofA, lol.

  2. Oh my God baby 1st b-day is coming up, she needs an exclusive baby outfit. Any suggestions? Baby fashion isn't exactly my forte yet, lol. No experience in that department.

  3. The braids are hot, loving how you brought the 90's back!


  4. I keep seeing pictures of Solange with these braids and I'm just so determined to get them lol. Your braids look great :)

  5. Thanks so much HAWTies!! Maggie I wanna see your braids when u do!


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