Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TUESDAY BLUE, & Im not just takln about my dress

OKAY, so let me tell you HAWTies Im sitting at my desk pissed & HAWTer than fish gease cuz I have to go to .............................................JURY DUTY today in an hour, these punk bastards!!! Yes I know that a juror is a real important task/job but Im not cut from that cloth! LOL, last time I got Jury duty which was about MMMMMMMMMMM, 4 years ago I was preggo with my Mini Maal/Monster, & they had the nerve to pick the preggo lady for a damn vehicular manslaughter case!!! Aitn that some ishhhhh, I had to sit thru that madness for a whole week & a half with a group of people that were not even close to my age group at all, very boring to say the least in the presence of that group. But the case itself was a trip & just sitting there & watchign teh families of both parties cry & have their words & the photos of the crime scene was just UGHHHHH a lot for my poor preggo soul at the time. 

But today aint it!!! I look way to cute for this madness!! I thought I was in the clear last nite when my info wasnt pulled & they told me to call in today......which I did. So hence this post!!! HAWTies this is now a pet ev of mines!!!! JURY DUTY!!! But let my ass get caught up for something (which is crazy since dont do anything illegal) Imma want the best jury around! FML right now on this note, but if they let me go early I guess I can enjoy the beautiful weather outside cuz I most DEF aint coming back to work today...... I will post pics of my HAWT self (LOL) on Tumblr, which you should be following if your not!!! 

http://massivehawtness.tumblr.com/ , ask me why this ish aint showing up as a link today

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