Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What to do when you have a................. WARDROBE MALFUNCTION

One of the most memorable Wardrobe Malfunctions in our time is Janet Jackson at the Superbowl, most think it was done purposely Who knows really, but didn't she bounce back like hella fast tho!!! LOL that moment when she realized was just very memorable to those of us who have experienced the mishaps with the GIRLS! Well most recently we have had Miss Nicki M, bless us with a shot of her Fake Bittes.

Side note: What is going on with Baby girl in the back, Is that another Nipple or something else?!?

Then the other day Miss Kelly Rowland gave a performance in a little S&M bra top & even her little tatas came out, most comments asked the question, Why didn't she feel them slipp'n out, I asked it too!

The only reason I could give is that maybe she was that into the performance, all that dancing & moving around she really didn't feel them coming out. None the less the ish is embarrassing as hell, & were common folk ( not really, but we don't get our pictures posted everyday) so just imagine how freaking embarrassed they must feel.

My story was at my 8th grade graduation field trip. We went to the Water slides of all places LOL. It was a blast that what I remember pretty much other than this one memory of a lot of us in the pool & I was playing around & was coming up from under the water & one of the girls, Miss Righty (she's a bit more sassier), slipped out I had no clue til ALL the girls in the pool gestured at it, while the guys just stared. I turned around very quickly slipped her backed in & had no choice but to laugh it off. Inside I was super heated & embarrassed at myself for letting it happen. More security is what I truly learned that day, also that you have to laugh at yourself sometimes as well cuz when one of my Nerdy guy friends told my that my nipple looked like a silver dollar I couldn't help but to LOL!!!!! 

Ish happens is the famous saying, and we all have gotten a fair share of shit, it can vary from Baby to Bulls but its how you deal with the situation handed to you. The girls are bound to bounce out a time or two depending on your choice of shirt & support!!!! Honestly they like to come out & have fun even when your not ready, so be prepared with thought (cause that's about the only thing you can be prepared for in this situation)   & a quick recovery LOL remember that its only a moment not your whole life you will be over in about an hour or maybe more. But really its not big deal everyone has seen them & that's pretty much that. K. And by the way HAWTies I can call out a few more stories about this topic LOL but we'll just stick to that one, not unless Y'all wanna share LOLOLOLOLOL.............


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