Monday, August 8, 2011

My NAPtural HAIR JOURNEY.......................

When I decided to go natural there really wasn't a reason to do so other than I just really didn't feel like perming my hair anymore. Seriously the whole process was just becoming to much for me. So I can't tell you exactly when I started the natural thing because I was rocking Dem front laces for a minute.

So I just say summer of 2010 is when it was official for me. I had no idea on how to take care of my hair at least not my natural hair........ so I went straight to Google & YouTube for help LOL & believe it or not, they have been real helpful tools specially YouTube. There are tons of natural hair videos on their with tons of tips & product reviews. But you will live in learn when it comes to the process of taking care of the hair on your head.

The very first times I tried to do my own hair I was very frustrated with the outcome & I think its because I just expected for my hair instantly change to the textured I wanted it to be LOL foolish ME!!!! My hair is my hair & I learned by trail & error. I got a lot of errors but guess what I rock that ish like no bodies business. Cause ya girl thinks she is HAWT no matter the time of day or if I have a bad hair day it happens, but if you pull it off correctly no one will notice that you are having a bad hair.!!! Try it!! LOL it worked. But the moment it clicked for me was when my bantu knots came out perfect because I moisturized the ish outta my hair & kept it wrapped in my satin cap, again you have to find what works for you.

I know that it was going to  a ruff journey but No one prepared me for the good looks & the WTF is she doing with her head looks, My grandfather was the first person to speak sum HATE my way one nite, when I had the whole family over for dinner (cant think of the occasion but it goes down in my kitchen) & were all having a great time & when he breaks out & says What the Heck is wrong with your hair, is that the new look" & my Mommy hits him with the YES it is & she looks good wearing it!! Damn I love that lady, she rocks like guitars. But I was then aware that not everyone will be on board with my decision which was fine with me. I'm not one to please every one anyway LOL. This is be a HARD thing to over come HAWTies so don't let that discourage you from March'n in your journey.

I never wanted to do a BC ( big chop) I planned to grow an inch of Naptural then cut an inch of permed hair off until it was all gone. But it didn't happen that way.............. My little brother got killed & it rocked my world in more ways than one!!!! I went thru a WHOLE bunch of feelings & emotions, it was just a for real outta body experience like my soul hurt not my body. I was in my own world in my head & I got to chopping off my hair just like that!  My perm was gone & I felt even more vulnerable then, than what I felt before! It was a very unique moment for myself, cause I didn't feel pretty! LOL Yea I know me of all folks didn't feel pretty WTF! But it was more than my hair, it really was. Long hair kinda make you feel secure cuz almost everyone has it & its more accepting in our society & as a black woman HAIR is  made to be just as important as out kids LOL. Think about it HAWTies...........truly do. We can go over the whole GOOD hair thing but we've all seen the movie ( I hope) & know there is much more than tracks attached to the heads of Black women.

Okay back to the story, so after I cut my hair off I realized that I still need to get outta this house & see my family & go to this funeral. I wasn't ready to show off my new do with everyone cuz i still wasn't comfy with what I had did to myself. Now don't get my wrong HAWTies I didn't just cut it off like F it LOL I actually cit it into a style. Honestly I have no idea why I wasn't comfy with the look yet other than pure shock. But I bantu knotted it up & rocked a wig the rest of the week, I love my all curly wig cuz everyone thinks its really mines LOL. But as soon as it was over & I seen my brother layed to rest I was OK with it all even myself!

The next day after the funeral I stayed home & got myself together cuz I needed to go back to work, not cuz they were forcing me to but because I felt the need to & that wig came off the knots were undone & I walked into my job like I was the ONE, which I am in my world. LOL & guess what..................everyone loved it!!!  That made me feel  much better still a little concerned with it but overall I was ok with me. Its still a difficult thing, confidence but Im getting it LOL.  ( I will post pictures at another time of my short do)

So I typed all of this to say that HAWTies that everyone journey's is different & some may be a lot more easier than most. But hang in there is the main thing, cuz this is something that you really want to try then nothign should discourage you, not even opinions. LOL. People are going to talk no matter what you do so you might as well fulfill your own happiness. I will keep you HAWTies updated with different products & techniques will further post, Im think'n videos to make it more personal. Please type to me HAWTies with your journey info or questions I would love to hear from you.


  1. Love the vulnerability and raw honesty of this post. Never ever known you not to be confident and even on your worst days, you still smiling and making sure all of us around you are straight. Life throws curveballs our way and sometimes we have to check out, so that when we check back in we'll be able to stand more of life unknown. You're handling it well and you and the fam are still in my prayers. I know he was always proud of his sis. Welcome back, Deeva! And I can't wait to start these hair transition videos ASAP.

  2. Just caught that 'naptural' will be stilling that please and thank you.


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